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Tier 2 Change of Employment

Tier 2 – Change of employment:

The Tier 2 immigration candidates are provided with the flexibility to apply for change of employment in UK. This facility enables the individual to change their organization and employer once they are in the country, if better options more suitable to their needs are available.

You can make a change of employment application if,

  • In case of change of employer
  • In case of employment application with the same employer
    • The new set of duties assigned to you fall under a different Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code to the one stated in your previous application
    • You were working in a shortage occupation and the new set of duties delegated to you do not fall under that category
    • You were earning a minimum salary of £153,500 which has now been reduced below the threshold level.

The change of employment application is not required if,

  • There is a takeover, merger, de-merger of your organization but your SOC code does not change
  • You are undertaking a professional examination(s), for example an Objective StructuredClinical Examination (OSCE) or Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB), to enhance your working skills and are still sponsored by the firm you initially made your application with.

The applicant would need to furnish a Certificate of Sponsorship ("COS") issued by the UK based licenced sponsor who would be in charge of their new employment.