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UK Visitor Visa –Child

UK Visitor Visa –Child

Since any individual under the age of 18 years cannot apply for a student visitor visa, you can enter the UK once ou apply for Child Visitor Visa. Though this visa is for a short period of 6 months, you can be part of an education program during your stay.
To qualify under the Child Visitor Visa, there are a few requirements to be met. Here is a list for your better understanding.


You can apply for this Visa under these conditions.

  • You do not belong to European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland
  • You are under 18years old
  • You pass the basic eligibility requirements

Points Assessment

To be eligible for any category of this visa, you must pass the points assessment by scoring a minimum 40 points from the following criteria.

  • CAS by the University or educational institution in the UK – 30 points
  • Funds to cover course fees and stayin the UK– 10 points


  • Valid Passport
  • Passport size colour photographs
  • Proof showing availability of funds to support your trip or that your parents will be financially supporting your trip to the UK
  • Travel details, where do to intend to stay, etc
  • Tuberculosis Test Results from the country you belong to

Time Duration

You will get a decision on your visa in 3 weeks. The processing of your visa takes up to 3 months.To simplify the process, fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let’s get started.
Your stay in the UK under Child Visitor Visa can vary as follows.

  • 6 months – if you are travelling with Child Visitor Visa
  • 12 months – If you are travelling with an academic visitor (eg. teacher or researcher)

For a regular visitor, you can apply for long-term visa. Your maximum stay in each visit is 6 months, while your visa can last up to 10 years.
Your last visa as a Child Visitor (i.e 6 months after your 18th birthday), you can apply for a long-term visit visa as an adult.

Dos and Don’ts

Once you are eligible for the visa and have migrated to the UK, there are a few dos and don’ts that you must be aware of. Here are a few tips that might come handy.


  • You can stay in the UK for 6 months (maximum)
  • You can study in the UK for 6 months
  • Your visa is applicable even after you have turned 18 during your trip


  • You can’t take up any job, paid or unpaid
  • You can’t get Public Funds
  • You can’t enroll yourself in any government funded school unless you are part of a student exchange programme or educational visit
  • You can’t get private medical treatment
  • You can’t marry or register a civil partnership
  • You can’t live in the UK for long periods
  • You can’t get your family members on your application. They should apply separately.