1. What are the UK Ancestry Visa requirements?

  • To apply for the UK Ancestry Visa, you need to be
  • Commonwealth citizen
  • You can apply for the visa if you are staying out of UK
  • You need to provide one proof that any of your grandparents took birth in the UK
  • You need to apply for the visa three months before you start to travel

2. What can I do on a British Ancestry Visa?

Provide all the required documents just to qualify the UK entry. You need to provide below-mentioned documents;


    • Birth certificate
    • If you are married, provide a marriage certificate, birth certificate of your party and also grandparents.
    • If you or your parents are adopted need to provide all the legal documents against it.

3. How do I apply for a UK Ancestry Visa?

You should apply for the ancestry visa from your home country. You can do it on your own or can contact an agency. You should be above 17, any of your grandparents born in the UK; you are able to work there, you are willing to take employment in the UK. You can enter in the UK just after issuing the visa.

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4. How long does the British Ancestry Visa take to process?

The standard processing time is three weeks. Hopefully, within three weeks, you will get the information on your visa application. So you should have that time before you travel to the UK. Though the standard time also depends on how the home office, how much it is busy.

5. Can I extend a UK Ancestry Visa?

Yes, you can extend your visa for five years more. For that, you need to apply online. Also, you have to provide some supporting documents and upload them online. Scan the UKVCAS appointment. Make sure you should not travel outside of Ireland, the UK, else your application can be withdrawn.

6. What does a UK ancestry visa entitle me to?

One of the best medium to gain British citizenship is the UK ancestry visa. The visa will allow you to make a connection with the UK via your grandparents. With the use of the visa, you can study in the UK; you can work, also can bring your family members. The best part of the visa is you can work for free with this visa.

7. How much money do you need for UK ancestry visa?

The charges of the ancestry visa are £ 516. Apart from this, you need to pay IHS or Immigration health Surcharge during the time of applying for a visa. The Immigration Health Surcharge will provide you with access to the UK’s health service and allow you to go to the hospital without any cost.

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8. Do I qualify for a UK ancestry visa?

To qualify the UK ancestry visa, you should be above 17 years. And off course should be the citizen of any commonwealth country. Your grandparents should be born in the UK. Also, you can claim the UK ancestry visa if you were adopted. But through your step-parents, you cannot claim the visa.

9. UK ancestry visa based on great grandparent

Yes, you are eligible to apply for the uk ancestry visa if your grandparents are from the UK, but that does not mean you will get all the UK birthrights. You can work there; there is no provision for that the British nationality will pass on up to three generations maximum not more than that.

10. UK ancestry visa for unmarried partner

You can apply the visa for your unmarried partner, for the spouse or civil partner who can join you in the UK. It includes the children who are under 18. Unlike the main applicant, they will also get a specific time period of leaving. They can work too, without any restrictions.

11. What does a uk ancestry visa entitle me to

If your application of uk ancestry visa is granted, you can work in the UK without any restrictions. Be it like self-employed or employed. Even you can change the employer without any restrictions. If you have the uk ancestry visa, you are entitled to exist free and also can re-enter freely in the UK multiple times.

12. How many times can i apply for an ancestry visa

You can apply for the Ancestry Visa for more than one time. The visa will be granted for five years. After the completion of five years, the main applicant can apply for the indefinite or for permanent residence. If you leave the UK, your visa will be expired, but you can apply for another from your home country.

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13. UK ancestry visa for someone with a criminal record

Before applying if you asked whether you have a criminal record or not in the UK or in other countries simply avoid by saying”no”. In case you provide wrong documents, your application will be rejected immediately. You will be required to give some documents as proof against it.


  • Education certificates signed by school inspector and teachers
  • Healthcare certificate from doctors

14. How to move from ancestry visa to British passport

It is one of the best and easiest way to move from ancestry visa to British passport. Those who have a special connection with the UK can apply for it and gain British citizenship. To gain British citizenship, you need to complete Minimum 5 years on an ancestry visa.

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