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Absolute Advisor is a UK Immigration Advisor who offers high-quality legal services related to the immigration process in the UK. We customize our service for your circumstances, and we are always ready to support your immigration problem. If you’re worried about how to apply or how to do the paperwork properly, we are here to help make the process easier. We have qualified immigration advisers who offer hassle-free immigration services to our clients. As we have several years of experience, we have top-level knowledge which helps us to identify your problem and provide complete guidance. 


We are ready to offer assistance for UK spouse visa, British citizenship, UK ILR process, Tier-4 student, EEA permanent residency, and Tier-2 work permit. Whether you want to establish your business in the UK or you want to move permanently with your family, we are here to help you at each step. We are an OISC Office Of Immigration Services Commissioner approved and regulated firm. This means peace of mind that your visa application is in capable hands.



Our mission as a UK Immigration Advisor is to offer friendly, reliable assistance to people going through the immigration process. When we take on a case, we carefully study the documents prepared and consult with our immigration advisors to find a solution to any issues. We will assist you through every step of the immigration process until you receive your visa. 


Our vision is to help you through the immigration process so you can start your new life in the UK. We understand the visa process is not simple and that the paperwork can be intimidating and confusing. There are a variety of visa categories you can apply for and figuring out which one you fall into can be hard. Overall, the process is very time-consuming and frustrating when you’re doing it alone. Luckily, those of us at 1 Absolute Advisor are here to help. We reduce your workload by walking you through the information, assisting with the paperwork, and helping you complete the application process.     



Another part of our service customers love is the one-on-one attention we dedicate to each case. We assign a team member to assist you throughout the visa process, so you’ll never feel out of touch or unsure about your application. You can always reach out to us and get someone on the phone to answer your questions or clarify information. We understand how important your visa process is and how excited you are to receive your visa. Our team of dedicated employees are passionate about the immigration process and its ability to change lives. If you’re interested in discussing your application, then contact us today to receive a free call from one of our immigration advisors. 

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