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Chris Rogers

Siso is the angel you need in the complex system of immigration. He has now taken care of my wife's spouse applications twice, both with time pressures. He is calm, professional, clear and friendly. He was actually recommended by a contact at the Home Office for being among the best! You can trust him with one of the most scary and important things you will do in your life. Chris, Kay and the toddler

Posted 2 months ago

My experience with absolute advisers was absolutely wonderful! They are honest lawyers who will give it to you straight. They will help in any way possible for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this for immigration advice and especially Siso!

Posted 6 months ago

I cannot say enough that would do justice to the knowledge, attention to detail and assiduousness of Siso.Notwithstanding the challenges and delays that COVID has thrown up, he was rock steady in his providing timely and accurate information, to the best of his ability, for which I’m extremely grateful. Supportive and incredibly warm, Siso is the consummate professional you want in your corner.

Posted 4 weeks ago
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Why Choose 1 Absolute Advisor?

Absolute Advisor is a UK Immigration Advisor who offers high-quality legal services related to the immigration process in the UK. We customize our service for your circumstances, and we are always ready to support your immigration problem. If you’re worried about how to apply or how to do the paperwork properly, we are here to help make the process easier. We have qualified immigration advisers who offer hassle-free immigration services to our clients. As we have several years of experience, we have top-level knowledge which helps us to identify your problem and provide complete guidance.

Are you looking for an Immigration Lawyer in London?

If you need an immigration lawyer in London, 1 Absolute Advisor is here to help. Situated in Southwark we are at the heart of the city to assist families, skilled workers, businesses and more with their visa queries from across the world.

All of our immigration advisors are OISC-certified and legally trained to offer legitimate visa advice. We offer a unique personalised service where we cater our support to suit your needs and enquiries. You may wish for general immigration advice in a one-to-one session with your own lawyer, or require more thorough support with your visa application.

We also offer fast-track services for urgent enquiries. For example, if your visa is due to expire or you have already overstayed your immigration permission, our lawyers can fast-track your application and support you immediately with advice.

1 Absolute Advisor offers you a price promise guarantee and an initial phone consultation while we assess your case. If you need an immigration lawyer and you live in London or plan on migrating to the country, let us shoulder the burden of the paperwork.

How 1 Absolute Advisor can help you with your UK Spouse Visa

The UK Spouse Visa application remains one of the most complicated visa routes with complex eligibility criteria and a long list of requirements. It also has one of the highest visa refusal rates as applicants can be refused for making tedious mistakes.

At 1 Absolute Advisor, we know how crushing a visa refusal can feel. To be denied the chance to live with your loved ones can have a huge detrimental impact on your mental health, wellbeing and familial life. Children also suffer when one of their parents is physically unable to be present in their life, and unfortunately having a child with your married partner does not guarantee visa success.

That’s why reuniting family members remains one of our top priorities. We even have specialist Spouse Visa and family immigration lawyers to attend to the emotive and high-pressure nature of this type of application.

Our Spouse Visa specialists are also well-versed in all aspects of family immigration law. This means we can advise and guide you towards an approved Spouse Visa application with confidence and utmost professionalism.

By entrusting 1AA with your Married Partner Visa application, you can protect yourself from a visa refusal and can significantly increase your chance of success.

How 1 Absolute Advisor can help you with your UK Spouse Visa Extension

In addition to full application support and advice with the Spouse Visa, our immigration lawyers at 1 Absolute Advisor can help with your Spouse Visa Extension application, too.

The UK Spouse Visa expires after a period of 30 months. But before your visa meets its expiry, you must seek alternative permission to remain in the country. For those with a Married Partner Visa, the next step is often a Spouse Visa extension as this allows the holder to pass the 60-month threshold needed for permanent residency.

However, a Spouse Visa extension is no guarantee. Just because you were successful with your initial Spousal Visa does not mean you will be successful again with the renewal. Indeed, you need to be mindful that you need to prove that you still meet all of the Spouse Visa requirements.

Evidence shows hiring an immigration lawyer enormously improves your chances of an approved visa application. As such, 1 Absolute Advisor can step in at any point during your Spouse Visa extension application – even if you sought immigration advice before from a different law firm.

Don’t take the risk by attempting the application yourself. Our Spouse Visa experts know exactly what UKVI is looking for in each application it receives. So, protect yourself from a devastating visa extension refusal by calling us today to learn all about our bespoke Spouse Visa advice and application support services.

How 1 Absolute Advisor can help you with your ILR application

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is a form of immigration status that allows you to live in the UK free from immigration restrictions.

The ILR application is one of the most demanding routes in the UK immigration rules. Applicants need to supply a bundle of documents in an evidence pack to prove that they meet every single ILR requirement. They must also pass a multitude of tests – including English language, Life in the UK and security (‘good character’) checks.

Failure to meet this strict eligibility criteria can result in an ILR refusal.

At 1 Absolute Advisor, we have all the skills, experience and qualifications needed to prevent you from receiving that refusal letter. Our immigration lawyers are OISC-certified and can assist you from start to finish with the ILR application, no matter how complex your case may be.

Our lawyers will even assess your case and ensure you meet all of the requirements before progressing with your case. You may be advised to wait for a few months, or even years, until you are deemed eligible. An immigration lawyer is able to check for you whether your visa record has put you on the 3-year route to settlement or the 5-year route.

How can 1 Absolute Advisor help you with your British Citizenship application?

After holding ILR status for at least 12 months, you are able to switch onto British Citizenship. Your new UK status will be yours for life and will even grant you new rights in the UK for you and your family.

British citizens are deemed completely free from immigration restrictions and share the same rights as UK-born Britons. For example, you can apply for a British passport and even live abroad without revoking your British nationality.

However, UKVI closely examines each British citizenship application it receives. Applicants must prove that they meet a long list of requirements and criteria. Citizenship is not a right that is naturally awarded – you must complete the formal application process.

In addition, there are a variety of British citizenship routes such as by descent or ancestry, by naturalisation and by birth.

At 1 Absolute Advisor, our immigration solicitors are well-versed in the British Nationality Act and the subsequent British citizenship rules. We can help you to identify the best route for you and compile a compelling portfolio of supporting evidence to satisfy UKVI.

We have a firm commitment to assisting people with their citizenship application, no matter how complex their circumstances may be, as we know just how important it is to be able to call the UK your official permanent home.

How 1 Absolute Advisor can help you with your Skilled Worker Visa

The Skilled Worker Visa is a work permit for overseas nationals that came into effect 1 January 2021 alongside a new set of immigration rules – known as the points-based system.

The route has replaced the Tier 2 (General) Work Visa, though many of the eligibility requirements remain the same. The key difference between the two is that applicants must score 70 points in order to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa.

Applicants are able to score the necessary 70 points based on mandatory and tradeable rules. For example, 20 points may be gained on having a certain salary, or by having a PhD, while other points can be gained through English language ability, the job role offered and if the applicant is filling a position that is in shortage of labour in the UK.

However, the new points-based system is complicated. Those who attempt to complete the application alone are at increased risk of a visa refusal. Even if you meet all of the points, your application can still be refused if it is lacking in evidence or clarity.

Our immigration lawyers know precisely what UKVI is looking for. If you’re unsure about how or where you can accumulate 70 points for a Skilled Worker Visa, 1 Absolute Advisor can help.

We guarantee an honest and professional service that is custom-made to suit your individual needs. Whether you need help with the points, general advice or full assistance with the Work Visa application, our immigration lawyers offer expert help and guidance.

How 1 Absolute Advisor can help you with your Sponsor License

The UK Sponsor Licence is a formal permit which allows businesses to legally hire people from overseas. It is also necessary for universities, colleges and schools to be able to ‘sponsor’ international students to come and study in their institution.

Due to the change in immigration rules following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, more companies will need a Sponsorship Licence in order to continue hiring talent from the EEA and beyond where they might not have needed one before. Universities may need a larger Sponsor Licence to cater to their EEA student base.

The Sponsor Licence comes in different sizes and can differ significantly in cost. This can depend on the size of your business and how many workers/students you intend on sponsoring from abroad.

Sponsoring an application is an act of endorsement. You are essentially verifying a specific individual’s right to come to the UK and work for you or study in your establishment. It can be subject to strict conditions and assessments by UKVI.

Fortunately, our corporate immigration lawyers are on hand to help. Our team assists businesses and universities with their sponsorship workload and the application process. We can even help you to prepare for your UKVI inspection. Call us today for a free initial consultation over the phone.

How 1 Absolute Advisor can help you with your Global Talent Visa

As a result of Brexit, the immigration rules changed as of 1 January 2021, bringing in new laws, requirements and routes. The Global Talent Visa is one such new route – and has particularly high criteria.

Global Talent applicants must have an exceptional skill in a certain field in order to successfully receive this visa. It is generally reserved for those who are considered a leader in the field of academia, research, arts and culture or digital technology.

You may also need endorsement from an official UK body as well as international recognition for your work. The rules change depending on your specific talent, but it is generally accepted if you are a person of high interest or who has contributed significantly to a field in some way.

The Global Talent Visa application involves a series of rigorous tests and some of the most stringent criteria, not to mention that competition remains rife.

Our immigration lawyers are expertly trained to handle the pressure and the laborious nature of the Global Talent Visa application. Our office is based in London, but our lawyers can assist you no matter where you are in the world. Call us today on 0207 993 6762 to hear more about our bespoke Talent Visa services.

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