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Me and my husband’s experience with “1 Absolute Advisor” was excellent. Our case manager Siso was great. He was very thorough and careful with reviewing our documents. He walked us through each and every step from the beginning till the end of the submission of the visa application. I highly recommend using this company’s services. Very trust worthy and reliable.

Very happy with the services!

My advisor Siso Sibanda has been helping me all the way through a lengthy journey of visa processes for several years now and I am so happy to have him as my Visa Advisor! Siso is a great professional and a wonderful person, who was always there for me, even when I was stressing out, he would always reassure and support me, which is so important for any applicant. I am very thankful to Siso and 1AA for all the great work they have done.

First Class

Absolute Advisor have been excellent throughout. Siso cut through complicated and stressful (potential) obstacles with ease and provided clear and concise answers at all times. I've dealt with a few lawyers for immigration purposes and nobody compared to them.

Siso many thanks for help!

A+ for Absolute Advisor and Mr Sibanda Working with Absolute Advisor was an absolute pleasure and made the process so much easier. Mr Sibanda did all of the work for us to the furthest extent that did not require our attention. With every other aspect, he guided us with experienced confidence every step of the way and made sure that EVERYTHING was in perfect order. He was reassuring and took on all of the stress and anxiety that I threw his way with such coolness and professionalism. I recommend this service to anyone needing the guidance and to anyone with too little time to figure out the process. It’s a finicky process and I’m glad I had the assistance.

Absolute Advisor has taken care of me whilst …

Absolute Advisor has taken care of me whilst they dealt with my journey to becoming British. I am glad to say I am officially British now and it’s all thanks to Absolute Advisor. My journey went so smooth and well, I never had anything to worry about. The information and advice I was given throughout the process were second to none and again I am very pleased with the service they provided and I will be recommending Absolute Advisor to my friends and family.

A great thank you to Siso who did a very smooth and efficient job.

Siso at Absolute Advisor was very … Siso at Absolute Advisor was very professional and helpful. Very supportive and we were lucky to find him in a difficult situation. Highly recommend the service and successful results!!

It is with

It is with. Certainty I recommend Absolute Advisor for their tremendous help to obtain a spouse visa for my wife from Ukraine after 6 refusals for visas with other lawyers Absolute Advisor did it for us and made it possible thank you again and special thanks goes to Mr Sibanda I can say and repeat you were absolutely brilliant

A Reliable friendly and professional service

My fiancé and I were up against the clock to get her spouse visa submitted in time to the home office. And we would never have gotten everything ready in time if it wasn't for the speedy and diligent work of one man in particular. Mr Siso Sibanda. Thank you to the team at Absolute Advisor, we couldn't have done it without you. Great service.Your assurances and calm concise advice settled our nerves and reduced our stress.


Started off my spouse visa application with Absolute Advisor in Nov 2016. Initially I was concerned as my first case worker Farzana left the firm and my application was assigned to Siso. This turned out to be a blessing as he is simply a gem. So polite, friendly and caring caseworker. He always made me feel welcome no matter how many questions I had. He prepared my application with attention to detail and much to my surprise my application was approved within five days. Highly recommended.

The best service

The best service i have ever had experience with , was Migrate me I got my permanent residence only yesterday and I appreciate the job Siso has done I just feel speechless and wordless to thank him how friendly and nice he been throughout the two years , took me long cos of my complicated application , had none to do with his job but it was me the one who complicated things, at the end with Siso’s help and obviously god’s will i got my permanent visa and i am so happy and thankful for the job he done , thank you again siso, I will recommend this to anyone I know who needs help for their visa, I forgot to mention the fact that I have never met him nor their place where they work but still he been so fair and reliable that I didn’t expect , never ignored my call for two years they are just brilliant, well done Siso , And his team mates . Thank you so much mate God bless

I really enjoyed their service

I really enjoyed their service it was cheaper than other quotes I was given and Mr Sibinda went through each stage and made it easy to understand so I knew what I had to do and what my partner had to do also and when everything was ready he made the application for us and set up all the appointments and today my partner got the spouse visa and I would recommend them to anyone needing a visa

1 Star

Looking at the response, I wanted to stress that no new information surfaced after application filed but it was the same one which was advised as no issue by your lawyer turned out to be the big issue as per basic rules. Had a very bad experience with Absolute Advisor. They are more interested in making money rather than advise the best optimal way for individuals. In my case of ILR application, first of all the lawyer who represented my case is not aware of one of the basic requirement of ILR and pushed me to apply and not just me alone but for my entire family at one shot which cost me close to 9 grand and I could only think now that he could get higher fee when applied all together. And my ILR got refused for the very same basic requirement which was misguided by the lawyer from the very beginning. All the interim communications are not done and checked in detailed manner and are very superficial. Moreover don't have knowledge on accounting laws when home office can refuse on that ground we expect the lawyer company to know and defend but it was utterly poor in the first place. I would certainly not recommend anyone to go here and you should safeguard your hard earned money and don't lose it. I believed in all the reviews posted earlier which were all hunky dory but in reality it's totally absurd.

Osman Serdar Aydın

Siso was very helpful, knowledgeable about the visa types, documents required etc. He also respected our deadlines and was always very responsive We recommend Siso and absolute advisor to anyone!!

Thank you so much

Thank you so much. I got very good advice and cover letter for my daughter's tier 2 dependent visa which originally had been declined because of my marital status. So, from home office website, I chose Migrate me. Siso is quite helpful and giving me very good cover letter. He explained and answered all facts that mentioned in the first refusal letter. Finally, my daughter got it and we can live together soon. Thank you again for your helpful advice and letter.

Amazing service.

Siso is absolutely amazing with clients, very professional. Even after the application, if there is any help you require he will help you.

Outstanding Service

The service I received was outstanding, from start to finish Siso was very professional, genuine and kept me updated throughout the entire process. He reassured me at all times, explained the process clearly and was available when needed (even to just reassure). I couldn't be more grateful and would definitely recommend.

Patient and Professional

After using this company my application was still declined. We are now in the process of seeing what went wrong. Will update on final result. Update: My mom’s application has been approved and we are just waiting on a swearing in date. Siso and his team held my hand the whole way, even when I was anxious and unreasonable.

Visa Success After Refusals for Three Times in a Row

A wonderful service received from Absolute Advisor. My mother has been refused to have visitors visa for three times. My Mrs was expecting a baby and we were desperately looking for someone to help us. This time again (third time) UKVI refused visa for same grounds as like as before. I contacted Absolute Advisor. We have provided with elaborations, making the application forms, arranging all supportive documents and covering letter.Within 10 days of submitting the application again, my mother was grated visitors visa for six months Thanks A lot Absolute Advisor for your valuable help.

Very professional

Siso was very professional and attentive during the process, and matched expectations, I highly recommend!

Goodbye Jamaica here I come Uk...

Am gonna be totally honest and say we were unsure about using Absolute Advisor. But once we spoke to Siso Sibanda we felt at ease. He gave us great advice and went through the application step by step. He kept us updated via calls and emails. He has been very professional and helpful. Thank you so much for your help and service which led to a successful spouse visa. I would recommend Absolute Advisor to anyone that needs services.

Thank you !

Just wanted to say a big thank you for getting my partners visa arranged in time for Christmas. After paying for our flights and making all the family arrangements I just didn't realise how hard it would be for a Chinese citizen to spend just 9 weeks in England. After contacting the home office and explaining that I had booked our flights and just needed to know what to do now, I was just put though from one department to another. Everyone I spoke to told me completely different things and gave me different numbers to ring. I looked on the internet to see if I could find some information as panic started to set in and I came across Absolute Advisor. I called and explained my situation and the urgency of it and was put through to a manager called Siso. Without asking me for any money he explained the process clearly to me and what I needed to do which, seemed ludicrous as it was just a holiday ! He then let me know the costs involved and what the service fee would be if I wanted Absolute Advisor to take care of the arrangements for me. He did warn me that he will do his best but again there was no guarantee. About 45 minutes after our conversation Siso emailed me a list of documents he needed, and to get them across to him immediately which I sent later on that evening. I called Siso the following day and he informed me that he had already submitted the application but had also written a letter to explain my circumstances and would follow this up with a phone call. One week later I received a call from Siso informing me that he had got the visa approved. I was ecstatic to say the least. The visa he arranged also covered a far longer time then I needed and allows my partner to come and go from England and will also cover her next visit. An absolutely amazing result ! Thank you

Bravo guys.

Thank you for your help with my ILR application. Siso thank you for being with me at the Home Office early morning giving me the much-needed support and confidence. Thank you for your attention to detail or else we would have missed adding the SA302. I will definitely need your help with my naturalisation application next year.

Received an AMAZING BRILLIANT service

Received an AMAZING BRILLIANT service from Absolute. Siso mate, you are an absolute gent !!!! Just found out today that my wife's spouse visa has just been approved so she can be in England to give birth to our twins. Siso I can't thank you enough SIR for the extra you did for us and will definitely be using your services again.I'M OVER THE MOON

Mae R.

Siso has been very helpful throughout my Visa application. He helped in my first Application up until my extension and all has been approved. I recommend 1 Absolute Advisor in your future Visa Applications.

Top Service

I came across 1 Absolute Advisor during my Google search on UK visa's. Siso was a wonderful person listening to my entire case and having professional discussion though video calls and emails multiple time. Honestly I don't think that others would give so much attention to your individual case then what Siso did. I am glad that my visa is granted as was assured by Siso. I Wish Absolute Advisor best wishes and would like to recommend them without any second thought.

Right choice

I am from Panama, I was seeking a Spousal Visa to join my British Husband Paul in England. We married in January 2018 after 3 years and for us, we found information about how to apply for a visa quite confusing and conflicting. The websites were unclear on "exactly" the information that was needed to apply and what format, so we sought advise from an Immigration Agency. After spending a few months looking and speaking to several companies and also taking legal advise, we opted for (Absolute Adviser). After our first 3-way consultation via Skype (I was in Panama, and Paul was in England), Siso immediately put our minds at rest and made us feel relaxed and calm. We took advice from Siso and then applied for the spousal visa later in the year after discussing some options with us. The format and information required for this application visa type was quite substantial and we were so glad we could check with Siso the information and what we had put together, to ensure our information and format was acceptable. They were very helpful and clear in all communication and in most cases replied the same day or next working day were possible. We are so happy with our successful outcome for my Visa and at all times Siso was on hand for support. We thank him for all his help and advise and will come to him again when we apply for the next step in a couple of years time. We think Absolute Advisor was the right choice and fairly priced for their service fee.

Feedback on my experience with Absolute Advisor - Siso

I had the pleasure of dealing with Siso who went above and beyond my expectations, always professional, approachable and able to provide helpful advice in a timely manner. Highly recommended.

Many thanks to Absolute Advisor for your help and service.

You could not find a more helpful team at Absolute Advisor, I'm very happy to say I will be reunited with my daughter in the near future thanks to their diligent work on behalf of my daughter case.... I would like to say many thanks to Mr Siso Sibanda Case Services Manager, for your help and guidance. Thanks once again, wish guys all the very best. Yours Sincerely

Great work!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr.Siso Sibanda at Absolute Advisor for the great job that he has done helping me obtain my spouse visa. Siso is a great professional who makes sure your visa obtaining process goes smooth. This is a second time when I am using Siso's services: he also helped me to get my fiance visa and he did great then too. I totally rely on his professionalism. Siso is also very friendly, supportive and understanding person who makes sure his clients go through visa obtaining process as easy as possible. Once again I would like to thank Siso for his amazing work and I can consider him as my friend now.

SIso was excellent and very thorough

No frills and no big talk. Excellent and expeditious service

Spouse Visa Application

I had help from Absolute Advisor for my spouse visa application to the UK. I have had a positive experience during the entire process. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

It is my honour

It is my honour and pleasure to be able to write this review, considering the help that team absolute advisor has provided for our family. First, they sorted our UK visas and now my spouse visa. Well done absolute advisor

100% Recommended

I had some concerns about my application for settlement. But Siso Sibanda was so cool, calm and collected what I had, navigated me through the process, and now I'm also so cool, calm and have collected my settlement. Big ups to the entire administration, from answering phone calls to meeting at the offices and the discussions held closed doors about my application, I say kudos. To God be the Glory.

I am pleased with the outcome

I am from Spain and we used this company to apply for our EEA family permit. Both Siso and Lauren worked with us on this and I am pleased with the outcome.

7 stars

Only if there was an option to give 7 stars. I would to Siso at Migrate Me.


MASSIVE THANK YOU TO Mr Sibanda for getting my EA family permit approved in no time.