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1 Absolute Advisor is an OISC-certified London-based immigration law firm. With over several years of experience in the industry, our lawyers are exceptionally talented professionals with the credentials and client testimonials to back them up. We hire only the best-of-the-best legal advisors in our practice, allowing us to boast above average success rates. Above all though, we offer a friendly but professional approach when advising our clients.

How can Absolute Advisor help?

In post-Brexit Britain, more people than ever before need expert and professional guidance with their immigration query. Unfortunately, the immigration sector is oversaturated with unregistered advisors who distribute inaccurate and misleading advice.

With Absolute Advisor, you can rest assured that you will be receiving expert legal advice. We have the Government’s stamp of approval and the appropriate OISC certification to issue legally sound and accurate immigration advice.

Not only do we offer a free phone call consultation, but we will tailor our services to suit your needs. For instance, you may need help building a portfolio of evidence to support your visa application. Alternatively, you may prefer to hire a professional to scan your application to ensure you’ve ticked all the right boxes to satisfy UKVI. Whatever your need or query, our immigration lawyers at 1 Absolute Advisor have you covered.

Following your initial phone call, you’ll be matched directly with one of our advisors who will guide you through the visa application process from start to finish – and even many years to come should you need to renew or extend your visa, sponsor loved ones to come and live with you or switch onto permanent residency.

That’s why we pride ourselves on being your one-and-only absolute advisor – you won’t need anyone else.

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Our mission and values

One of our core values is to ensure we offer a one-of-a-kind service. Your personally assigned immigration lawyer will take the time to get to know you on an individual basis. We find that this is an invaluable aspect to the immigration process which is commonly overlooked, particularly as part of the immigration rules dictate that you must be of ‘good character’ in order to successfully receive a UK Visa. Our lawyers can vouch for you on a personal and a professional level, helping you to build an airtight compelling portfolio which highlights not only the merits of your case but of your character.

We promise to put you at the heart of our work. In fact, our mission is to assist as many people as possible with starting their new life in the UK. We take great pride in reuniting families across borders in Britain and watching both old and new businesses grow on London soil with fresh, international talent. Whatever reason you have to come to the UK, we share your goal and are here to support you every step of the way.

London immigration lawyers

Our office is situated right in the heart of Southwark, London, home to top tourist attractions, internationally successful businesses and landmarks. Our office is only a stone’s throw away from the Shakespeare’s Globe, the River Thames and an abundance of museums and art galleries.

Our lawyers consider London their home, whether they were drawn here or born here. As such, hiring a 1 Absolute Advisor means you will receive free localised London knowledge and advice. We help businesses relocate to London every single day. Why not trust a local professional to give you the best possible advice before moving to your new home in the dazzling capital?

Although we are based in London, our uk immigration lawyers can advise you over the phone if you cannot make it to our office. In addition, we help people resettle all across the UK, from London to Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and more.

Get in touch with us today on 0207 9to see exactly how we can help your London or UK dream become a reality. We will put you in touch with the right UK Immigration advisor to help.

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What Our Clients Say

Excellent Reviews
Chris Rogers

Siso is the angel you need in the complex system of immigration. He has now taken care of my wife's spouse applications twice, both with time pressures. He is calm, professional, clear and friendly. He was actually recommended by a contact at the Home Office for being among the best! You can trust him with one of the most scary and important things you will do in your life. Chris, Kay and the toddler

Posted 2 months ago

My experience with absolute advisers was absolutely wonderful! They are honest lawyers who will give it to you straight. They will help in any way possible for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this for immigration advice and especially Siso!

Posted 6 months ago

I cannot say enough that would do justice to the knowledge, attention to detail and assiduousness of Siso.Notwithstanding the challenges and delays that COVID has thrown up, he was rock steady in his providing timely and accurate information, to the best of his ability, for which I’m extremely grateful. Supportive and incredibly warm, Siso is the consummate professional you want in your corner.

Posted 4 weeks ago
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