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What is a UK Visit Visa Who can qualify UK Visit Visa document checklist Financial requirements What is the cost? What is a long term UK visitor visa What is UK family visitor visa UK visitor visa sponsor documents What documents do I need for UK visitor visa? How much bank statement is required? How can I get a visit visa? How much is the fee?

What is a UK Visit Visa

The UK Visit Visa or Standard Visitor Visa makes the visitor eligible to stay in UK for a maximum period of 6 months. UK Visit Visa can be issued for shorter periods also. The UK Visit Visa is meant for those who travel to UK for tourism, to visit members of family who are in UK, for medical treatment or for professional purposes. A few other types of Visas including General Visitor Visa, Family Visitor Visa, Child Visitor Visa, Business Visitor Visa including Visas for doctors, dentists and academics, Sports Visitor Visa, Entertainer Visitor Visa, Prospective Entrepreneur Visa, Private Medical Treatment Visa and Approved Destination Status (ADS) Visa are replaced with the UK Visit Visa.

Who can qualify

Those who want to visit, study or work in UK can apply for UK Visit Visa. The visitor should be able to understand English. The applicant for UK Visit Visa should produce proof of his/her confirmed return ticket as well as confirmed hotel booking. The applicant should show clear reason for his/her visit to UK and should also show his capability to support his/her dependents along with himself/herself. The applicant should keep ready all the documents that are necessary to apply for UK Visit Visa.

UK Visit Visa document checklist

Those who apply for UK Visit Visa are required to submit the following documents:

  1. Filled up manual application form or the completed online Form from the Visa4UK website
  2. Two color photographs taken within the last 6 months
  3. Passport which should be valid for 3 more months from the date the applicant plants to leave UK after the visit. The passport must have one blank page for the Visa.
  4. Bank statements or pay slips for last 6 months to prove that applicant is financially sound to meet all expenses during his/her stay in UK.
  5. Document to show where the applicant will be staying during his/her visit to UK
  6. Detailed travel itinerary including how, when and what the applicant plans to do in UK, dates of travel, places he/she will be visiting, details of booked tours, details of arranged meetings, festivals that he/she will be attending, etc.
  7. Tuberculosis Test Results
  8. If the applicant will be staying with a friend or family member during his/her visit to UK, a letter of invitation should be submitted. The host must be either a UK national or a legal resident of UK.
  9. Receipt confirming payment of Visa fees
  10. Certified translations of documents that are not in either English or Welsh
  11. Applicants who are under the age of 18 should submit birth certificate and adoption papers, if applicable. In case those under 18 are travelling alone or with somebody other than parent or parents they are required to produce signed letter from parent confirming details of the person who accompanies the minor and should also submit copy of the biographical page of the passport of parent/legal guardian.

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Financial requirements

Those who apply for UK Visit Visa should prove that they have sufficient funds to manage all reasonable expenses in connection with their UK visit without accessing public funds. The expenses include their onward/return journey, expenses incurred by dependents and the costs of specified activities like private medical treatments. In cases in which the visit is sponsored by a friend or family member, the sponsor documents should show that the travel expenses, living expenses and accommodation costs will be covered by the sponsor. The supporting documents to be enclosed by the applicant include bank statements, pay slips, dividend vouchers and tax documents. The applicant need not show that he/she has a prescribed level of funds to meet living expenses, travel expenses and costs of accommodation.

What is the cost?

The cost of UK Visit Visa depends on the country from which the application is made. The fee for UK Visit Visa is USD 130 – 135 in most of the cases. The additional fee include USD 40.00 for standard processing, USD 70.00 for rush processing and USD 90.00 for super rush processing.

What is a long term UK visitor visa

A person may apply for long term UK Visitor Visa if he plans to make regular visits to UK over a longer period. In such cases the applicant can apply for UK Visitor Visa that will be valid for 2 years, 5 years or 10 years as the case may be. On each visit, the visa holder can stay in UK for maximum 6 months.

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What is UK family visitor visa

Those who want to visit a family member in UK can apply for UK family visitor visa. The applicant for UK family visitor visa should be outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. The applicant should also meet all other eligibility requirements. Those who have UK family visitor visa can stay in UK up to 6 months.

UK visitor visa sponsor documents

A friend, family member or business associate can be the sponsor in support of the UK Visitor Visa application. The documents required to sponsor UK Visitor Visa include proof of accommodation and the sponsor’s bank balance. Also the sponsor should provide a letter of invitation for the trip to be undertaken by the visa applicant. The letter of invitation should be in accordance with Paragraph 35 Part I of the Immigration Rules. As proof of accommodation the sponsor is required to furnish evidence of the residential property where the visitor will be staying during his UK visit. The sponsor may also provide the latest bank statement to prove that he/she can maintain the visitor during his/her stay in UK.

What documents do I need for UK visitor visa?

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How much bank statement is required?

The applicant may attach six bank statements over a period of 6 months and should include the most recent bank statement. The purpose of attaching bank statement is to confirm that the applicant is financially strong to meet all expenses related to his visit to UK. Bank statements also helps the authorities to know the personal circumstances of the applicant.

How can I get a visit visa?

Those who apply from outside UK can apply online for UK Visit Visa. As part of the online application the applicant has to book an appointment at the visa application centre. The applicant should have his photographs and fingerprints. Those who are already in UK can apply to extend your visa. Those who are from North Korea cannot apply online.

How much is the fee?

In case of applications for UK Visit Visa made outside UK, the current fee for:

Visa up to 6 months is £93

Visa up to 2 years is £350

Visa up to 5 years is £636

Visa up to 10 years is £798

Short term student visa up to 6 months is £97

Private medical treatment visa for 6 – 11 months is £186

Visiting academic – 6 – 12 months is £186

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UK Visitor Visa FAQ

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