1. What does Tier 2 visa mean?

With the tier 2 visa, you are allowed to enter in the UK. You can stay there and also can work there. You can stay there as long as your employer will sponsor you. The validity of the visa is limited, that means you can stay in the UK for a maximum of 5 years.


2. What is the minimum wage for Tier 2?

The minimum wages for tier 2 depends on sone factors, which include the sponsorship and tier 2 ( Intra company transfer (ICT). This will prove the candidate is new once or experienced one, also how many hours he devoted to his work etc. The minimum salary is $ 30,000/ year.


3. How long is a Tier 2 visa valid for?

You are always welcome to the UK, and here you can stay maximum for 5 years and 14 days. You can easily start to live there 14 days before from the date of sponsorship certificate. You can apply for the visa before three months of starting your works.


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4. How long can I stay in the UK after my Tier 2 visa expires?

After your visa gets expired, the UK government has provided 28 days of the grace period. But make sure this is only for those whose visa is about to end and they also have applied for a new UK visa. It is better for you if you leave the UK before the visa gets expired unless you can be into trouble.


5. Tier 2 visa guidance

You can apply for the tier 2 visa if you have a job offer in the UK or Switzerland or any European economic area. You need to be employed by an authentic licensed employer. Your sponsor employer will check whether you can hire you or not if you qualify for the visa. They will provide you with the certificate too.

6. What will be the minimum salary to get a tier 2 Visa?

There are several factors that include 

  • Tier 2 (general)
  • Tier 2( Intra company transfer)
  • Standard occupational classification 
  • Minimum rates for indefinite leave to remain applications 

As per the general rule, every sponsored worker either should be paid the minimum salary for their SOC code or the total minimum salary from the given circumstances, to be considered whichever is the highest.

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7. How to get tier 2 ‘A’ rating?

You will get an A rating only if your application is approved. This will let you assign certificates of sponsorship and will be listed under registered sponsors. Your rating can be reduced if you do not meet up sponsor duties. This will not able you to sponsor any certificates until you improve and get back an A rating. 

8. What is the tier 2 Visa processing time?

The office is committed to sticking to their normal rules regarding the UK visa processing 

  • The average processing time needs around 8 weeks.
  • This applies to spouse, worker, or students.
  • All other types of visas applied from outside the UK require 3-12 weeks.
  • Settlement visas outside the UK require 12-24 weeks.
  • It requires around 18 weeks updating an organization’s visa sponsorship details.

9.Where to get a tier 2 visa application form?

You have to apply online for the visa. To complete the application you need to have your fingerprints as well as photographs that will be taken at a visa application center. This will enable you to get a biometric residence permit which is considered as a part of your application. You need to collect the permit within 10 days of arrival in the UK.

10. Who all are considered as tier 2 visa dependent?

The dependent visa can be given to spouse, child, or any family member of tier 2 visa holders. Tier 2 dependent visas are generally required by the children or any partner who will join their family member situated in the UK who either is applying for tier 2 Visa or is a holder of the same.

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11. What is the tier 2 sponsor list?

The tier 2 sponsor list includes the organizations which are licensed and are published for the record to sponsor migrants workers under tier 2 and 5 based on a point system. The list which is published gets updated on a regular basis and there are more than 27000 sponsors registered under tier 2.

12. Who are tiers 2 new entrances? 

As per sponsor guidance states that an individual who is classified as a new entrance is eligible for lower salary rates.

  • Switching from tier 4 category within the UK and completed studies. 
  • Applying for leave under tier 2 graduate trainee subcategory. 
  • Must be the age of 26 when making the application. 

13. How do you get a tier 2 sponsorship license? 

An employer needs to apply online and give a series of documents in order to get a tier 2 sponsorship license. 

  • You can apply for the license via an online sponsor management system portal.
  • Submit the required documents for assessments.
  • Pay the license fee. 
  • The home office will take a processing time of 8-10 weeks to provide the license. 

14. What is a tier 2 sponsor license?

This license enables an employer to bring staff from other countries situated out of the EEA zone. There are two kinds of tier 2 sponsor licenses. One is a tier general sponsor license and the other is tier 2 Intra company transfer sponsor license. Either the employer can apply for them both at the same time or anyone at different times.

15. How much does it cost to become a tier 2 sponsor?

For a small tier 2 sponsor, the annual cost will be 536£. It includes license maintenance, application fees, and additionally employers also need to for every certificate of sponsorship allocated against each person. A single tier 2 worker fee is 199£. The sponsorship amount will depend on the size of organizations. 

16. How do you get a Tier 2 sponsorship in the UK?

Ans. – Until and unless you have been offered a job from a licensed company, it is very difficult to find a suitable Tier 2 sponsorship in the U.K. You will come across the list of licensed companies by logging in to the UK Home Office. Gaining the sponsorship with an employer in UK becomes a bit easy if you are already residing there.

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17. Tier 2 sponsorship licence cost

Ans. – If you are applying for a small Tier 2 sponsorship, then it will cost around £530. Employers need to pay a premium for every certificate of sponsorship in addition to license maintenance and application fee. Workers of Tier 2 need to pay near about £199 on the basis of per head.

18. Tier 2 sponsor licence guidance

Ans. – At the time of preparing an application for Tier 2 sponsor licence, then employers need to produce proofs for the following:

  • No case of bankruptcy and criminal cases
  • Availability of appropriate systems for monitoring
  • Staffs appointed are in the UK for majority of time
  • Appointed staff members are not involved in a specific project

19. tier 2 sponsor licence list

Ans. – The Tier 2 sponsor licence list is all about a list of published record of organizations that are licensed for sponsoring non-EEA migrant workers under Tier 2 & 5. The list is updated on a regular basis.


There are four categories under the route of Tier 2 sponsor licence:

  • General
  • Intra-Company Transfer
  • Sportsperson
  • Minister of Religion

20. tier 2 sponsor licence processing time

Ans. –The processing time for Tier 2 sponsor licence is almost ten weeks. You will likely receive a pre-license audit from an officer dealing with Home Office Compliance. The entire team will pay a visit to your premises to make sure that you have right procedures required for maintaining all duties of sponsorship.

21. uk companies willing to sponsor tier 2 visa

Ans. – There are three various types of industries in the UK that hire international students. They are:

Accounting, Consulting and Professional Services – EY, KPMG, BDO, Capco, Oliver Wyman

Banking and Finance – Barclays, HSBC, RBS, Aviva, First Derivatives

Engineering and Technology – Airbus, Atos, Babcock, UK Power Networks, Centrica


It is very much essential to keep up-to-date regarding the names of companies that will permit along with the ones that will not.  

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22. What is tier 2 a rating?

Ans. –The applicants of Tier 2 must have a valid job offer. The company must pay the applicant accordingly. The salary package must vary on the basis of designation along with the level of experience. It is better to confirm about the same in detail prior moving ahead. It is better to conduct in-depth research.

23. Tier 2 sponsor visa uk for family

Ans. –The Tier 2 sponsor visa in UK is issued to the spouse, family or child of the respective member holding a valid Tier 2 visa. The visa is for those people that are accompanying or about the join their family in the United Kingdom, who have already applied for the Tier 2 visa.

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