How much is a Visitor Visa to the UK?

How much is a Visitor Visa to the UK?

How Much Does a Visitor Visa to the UK Cost?

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Planning a trip to the UK? Fantastic! From the historic streets of London to the rolling hills of the countryside, the UK offers a wealth of experiences for visitors. But before you pack your bags, there’s one crucial step: securing a visitor visa.

This blog post will be your one-stop guide to understanding the cost of a visitor visa to the UK. We’ll break down the fees, explore different visa options, and ensure you have a clear picture of the financial aspects of your visa application.

Understanding Visitor Visa Fees

The cost of a visitor visa to the UK depends on the type of visa you apply for and its duration. Here’s a breakdown of the main categories:

  • Standard Visitor Visa (up to 6 months): This is the most common type of visitor visa. The application fee is currently £115.
  • Long-Term Standard Visitor Visa: If you plan on visiting the UK regularly, you can opt for a longer visa valid for 2, 5, or 10 years. The fees for these visas are:
    • 2 years: £432
    • 5 years: £771
    • 10 years: £963

Additional Fees to Consider

While the application fee is the main cost, there might be additional expenses to factor in:

  • Healthcare surcharge (Immigration Health Surcharge): This mandatory surcharge is required for most visa applications and covers healthcare access during your stay. Costs vary depending on the length of your visa.
  • Biometric enrollment: You might need to attend a visa application center to submit fingerprints and a facial photograph. The fee for this service can vary depending on your location.

Finding the Right Visa and Fee for You

To determine the exact cost of your visa, you’ll need to consider the following factors:

  • Length of your stay: How long do you plan to visit the UK?
  • Frequency of visits: Will you be making a single trip or visiting regularly?
  • Your nationality: Visa fees can vary depending on your home country.

For the most up-to-date information and a personalized fee estimate , it’s recommended to use the UK government’s visa fee calculator tool:

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