Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India

Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India


Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India


Are you a married native of India? Are your wanting to know how to go about Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India? Are you planning to move to the United Kingdom to reside with your spouse? If yes, then it is time for you to apply for a UK spouse visa. It will give your spouse an initial entry into the country. Also, she will be able to reside along with you for a long time. 


There are few formalities including submission of important documents that will help in easing the entire process of application. If you are going to apply for a spouse visa for the very first time, then below is the guide that will help a lot.


Online Submission for Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India


Nowadays, almost every task is carried out through online mode. Gone are those days when you had to stand for a long time in queue followed by running to and fro to complete the task. 


With high advancement in technologies, it has become easy to apply for spouse visa through few clicks. After successfully logging in to the website of 1 Absolute Advisor, you will be able to give a kick start to your process. 


Completion of a detailed application form will help the experts to know about your background and present circumstances. It is essential to complete the application in a cool mind to prevent any blunder. 


The application must be factually correct and consistent in terms of evidence provided. Once the form is filled up and confirmed from your side, it will be sent for verification. 


If you can fulfil all required criteria, then you will be directed to pay the application fee along with additional charges for accessing the NHS. It must be noted that the day you pay both fees will be the official date for submission of application.


Appointment for Biometrics Enrolment 


After you are successfully done with the payment of fees, it is the time to apply for biometric verification. Without biometric, no important task is possible nowadays. You will be taken further to fix an appointment for the enrolment of biometrics that includes:


  • Face image
  • Fingerprints

Following all online prompts will help in picking up a slot of appointment at a flexible location. In case the usual working hours are not suitable, then you may fix a prime time appointment against a nominal charge. 


Some locations request the applicant to pay a small charge for a normal appointment. If it applies, then you will be requested to pay before the confirmation of the appointment. 


Submission of Evidence When Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India


Now, it is the turn to submit the evidence. It is another important step to apply. There are four different options among which you may go with the most preferable step.


They are mentioned as under:


• Uploading of documents on your own – The method of self-uploading of all supporting documents to the website can be easily carried without paying any extra money. To proceed, you need to scan all documents followed by uploading the same. 


Some procedural guidelines will help in ensuring that all steps are carried out correctly. It is the best method as every step is transparent. You will be able to see what are the documents being submitted to the concerned authority. 


• Availing document scanning assistant service – If you are putting up in a remote location and not aware of the procedures of scanning documents, then relax. Availing document scanning assistant service at the visa application centre will be the ultimate choice. 


All original documents will be taken for scanning purpose along with the passport. Once done, they will be retained back to you. If you wish to retain your passport back, then you may do so by paying a nominal fee for the same. 


• Walk-in scanning settlement services – It is another process of submitting all supporting documents. In the walk-in scanning settlement services, all documents are taken to one of the notable centres in the United Kingdom. 


It is only possible if all documents are in the U.K. You need to download the required checklist and declaration. It must be completed properly before bringing for an appointment. You must not refrain from organizing all documents specifically.


• Postal service – You may submit all supporting documents in the postal form as well. Here also, all your documents have to be present in the United Kingdom. But they must be sent to the service provider through the post instead of in person. 


Among these four options, it is your choice regarding which one to go with. 


To know more about this REQUEST A FREE CALL BACK from our expert by filling this out.


What are the Documents that Are Not Important to Send?


You must not be unaware of the delays that take place in the decision making process at the time of applying for a UK visa for people living in India. In the bid of delivering quick decisions, a new scheme has been launched in India.


It is designed specifically to make sure that less number of documents are submitted along with applications. As per instructions, the following documents hardly require scanning:


  • Clippings from newspaper
  • USB or DVDs
  • Call logs
  • Letters from friends
  • Greeting and phone cards
  • Money transfer proofs
  • Chat history from WhatsApp and other social media
  • More than ten photographs

Sending these documents mentioned above seems to be unnecessary by the concerned authorities. In case they need some more information, they will get in touch with you directly through email or telephone.


An auto-email describing required instructions for applying for UK spouse visa will be sent to applicants. It will help in reducing unnecessary loads. 


It is very important to prove the relationship with your partner as genuine. It will serve as a strong point at the time of application. Thus, the remaining evidence will be strong enough to support the success of your application.


Decision Making Process


Once you are done with all formalities including submission of documents, you need to wait for the process to take place. In general, the standard timeline to halt to a decision is a maximum time frame of two months from the date of application. 


It may get reduced to a month provided you are successfully done with purchasing of the priority service. Also, you need to meet the required criteria. The decision-making process is conveyed to the applicant through an electronic mail. 


The email received is not a confirmation regarding the actual decision. You will be requested to remain present in the same place where you had enrolled for your biometrics. There you need to collect your passport and decision letter. 


People who want to avoid this journey may avail courier service from the respective service provider. Once the decision has been taken, you will be intimated that the courier is on its way to you for bypassing the need for being present physically. 


Receiving Back the Passport


Once the UK spouse visa for your spouse is granted, you will get back the passport along with an entry-clearance stamp. The stamp will serve as a ticket to let you enter the boundaries of the United Kingdom. 


The validity will be for a month. Once you arrive in the United Kingdom, you will have to collect the identity card from the respective office. Also, your spouse will be a call for a biometric residence permit that will set out full details and duration about the visa. 


Normally, it needs to be collected from a post office that is at a stone throw distance from your location in the United Kingdom. If you have mentioned an alternate place, then you may approach there as well. 


Candidates granted with spouse visas need not collect a Biometric Residence Permit. Instead, the duration for their six months will be endorsed on the vignette mentioned on the passport. 


Asking for Assistance from the Respective Lawyer


The procedure to apply for spouse UK visa is no more complicated today. But there are times when some applicants need to struggle a lot to get their application processed. In such situations, it will be a good decision to approach a lawyer dealing with a partner visa. 


The professional will carry out all procedures on your behalf, thus eliminating stress and worries from your mind. As the team of lawyers work with clients abroad regularly, they keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends and updates. 


It is better to fix an appointment and know all details for perusal. It will help a lot in taking the best decision.


Extend the Validity of Spouse Visa Easily 


The validity for spouse UK visa is thirty days. But you may extend its validity to two-and-a-half years against payment of a nominal fee. The fee for completion of the procedure must be submitted to the home office. You must take help of the service providers to prevent any type of discrepancy. 


You may go through the samples of applications to know how to pen the application. It will prevent you from creating any blunder at the time of applying for a spouse visa. Feel free to give a call directly at 1 Absolute Advisor for more information. It will make the process of application a small piece of toast.


It is highly suggestible to REQUEST A FREE CALL BACK for your requirements before the planning process. Having complete information empowers you to make clear decisions. More information can also be found here on the Home Office website


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3 years ago

Thanks for putting this together! I’ve made a list with everything I need and I think I’m gonna upload the documents myself, it seems pretty straightforward. 
By the way, do you happen to know what fees these lawyers have? I got a general idea but I want to make sure I check all the boxes in order to increase the chances of actually getting the visa. Things are tougher now with this pandemic and I don’t want to go through the process of applying again a second time.

Sal B
Reply to  Nadia
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Hi Nadia

Thank you for your comments.

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