What are your rights as an international student in the UK?

It is critical that international students understand their basic legal rights because it is all too easy to deprive newcomers of their rights or take advantage of their inexperience in a new country. Different countries have different laws, so it’s important to know what legal rights international students have and what legal protections they have when they move to a new country.

Culturally, the UK is diverse and welcoming of people from all around the world. All unis have plenty of international students, and most have societies to help you meet like-minded people and those from similar backgrounds.

The international students must know some of their legal rights during their stay in the UK.

Hours you are allowed to work while studying: Students who arrive in the UK for study purposes might think about gaining some work experience or supporting themselves financially by working while studying.International students in the UK can work for a limited time while studying. Non-European students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. On the other hand, they can work 40 hours per week during their vacation period. To cover their living expenses, students can look for part-time jobs in various restaurants, bars, and shopping malls. Students can also look for on-campus jobs. Besides that, students must be aware of their legal rights in the workplace.

Minimum Wage and Taxation: According to the National Minimum Wage Act in the United Kingdom, employers must pay employees who are 16 or older the legal minimum wage. In 2015, the UK government declared that workers aged 21 and up would be paid £6.50 per hour, while employees aged 18 to 20 would be paid £5.13 per hour.

National Insurance Number:

In order to work in the UK, international students must also have a National Insurance Number. Once they begin earning a living, they must also pay income tax. To obtain a National Insurance Number, international students must contact Job center Plus. The Job center Plus may invite you to a face-to-face interview, or they may send you an application via mail or courier, which you must complete and return. You must prepare yourself for an interview in order to obtain your National Insurance Number. You will have to provide the following information:

  •  Your residence in the UK (with postcode)
  •  Your contact number (landline/ cell phone)
  •  Your visa expiry date
  •  Place where the visa was issued (country or city name)
  • Reasons for applying for the National Insurance Number

Verify your health insurance coverage: International students need to prove they have health insurance to cover any healthcare they need while in the UK. The United Kingdom, like the other European countries, provides health insurance to international students. This insurance covers hospitalisation and secondary primary care for students. Overseas Students Health Care is available to international students. It will cover their medical and hospital expenses while they are in the UK.

Rights relating to Accommodation: Landlords and tenants are both protected by law in the UK. Both landlords and tenants are subject to the law’s requirements. These laws concerning leases, maintenance, and repair are available to international students. The students have two lodging options: on-campus housing or co-renting an apartment with peers. In both cases, the rule will be the same.

Set up a student bank account

If you want to stay in the UK for more than a few months, we recommend opening a bank account. This makes paying bills and keeping your money safe easier. It also saves you from paying foreign currency fees if you use a non-UK bank account to pay for things in the UK.

Leaving legal advice and rights aside, it is critical for an international student to master a few skills that will come in handy when you are faced with consequences in a new country. In order to seek assistance whenever needed, it is advised that you know how to get in touch with the appropriate embassy of your country.

While international students are granted a slew of privileges designed to defend their honour and integrity, they are also obliged to uphold certain legal duties based on moral principles. It is critical that international students stay truthful in their statements to institutions and government bodies abroad, as well as follow the honour systems of the host institutions in which they have enrolled. If a student presents false representations of their achievements or academics, these will be grounds for expulsion from the respective university.

When applying for a visa, it’s crucial to work with a licensed visa consultant who can provide you with this information and prepare you for the process ahead of time. 1Absolute Advisor provides pre-departure orientation and post-landing assistance to enable a smooth transition for students studying abroad.

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