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UK Spouse Visa Document Checklist

The above UK Spouse Visa Document Checklist infographic explains the most important documents required for a UK Spouse visa application. This is not an exhaustive uk spouse visa document checklist and the full requirement for the application can be found here. Please note the requirements mentioned in this post are correct and up to date when this post was produced. One must always check for the latest requirements by visiting the Home Office website.

Alternatively you can seek help from a registered Immigration Adviser. The OISC, maintains a register of the immigration advisers that they regulate where you can find a suitable adviser. We are one of the recognised advisers who have filed hundreds of uk spouse visa applications and have a 100% success rate.

We understand how important it is for your spouse to join you in the UK and the process of getting a uk spouse visa is not as straight forward as it used to be few years ago. To make it worst the UK government charges substantial amount in application fee, so it is paramount that you get the application right the first time.

We offer a FREE 15 minutes call with one of our registered advisers who have years of experience dealing with these applications and have been vetted by the regulatory body to meet the highest standards when it comes to representing clients with their uk spouse visa application. Please click on this link to request a free call and we will get back to you within 24 hours (usually a lot quicker) to arrange a time where we can discuss your uk spouse visa application and answer any queries you may have.

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UK Points Based System 2021 Calculator

UK point based system 2021 calculator

What is UK’s Points Based System?

The UK now treats EU and non EU citizens equally in the wake of the points based system. This means every immigrant who wishes to come to the UK now stands an equal chance of getting in based purely on merit. 

The UK points based system has been introduced from 1st January 2021. This system aims at attracting highly skilled people and looks towards upgrading the overall economy. Fair trade of skills will lead to a booming and diverse economy. These things are very important for a Country’s growth. Keep reading to know how you can participate in this economy and build a future for yourself just on the basis of merit and some professional help from us. 

Under this system anyone coming to the UK has to gain a certain number of points and their job needs to meet the required salary criteria. 

What is the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility completely depends on the points obtained and a few key factors. 

Key Criteria: 

First and foremost, A Job Sponsor in the UK (mandatory): Having a job sponsor in the UK is the key determining factor when it comes to securing a skills based entry in the country. Having a job offer is mandatory as per the rules.  

Job at Appropriate Skill Level (mandatory): The job that you get has to be at RQF3 level or equivalent as per the eligible skills. Contact us to fast track your skill verification with our expert consultants and get started with your application. The sooner you begin the better it is. Sometimes people have multiple skills and one skill is more valued in the UK over the other. Our consultants help you understand the best option and go ahead with the process.

English Language (mandatory): Every applicant must be proficient in the English language in order to be eligible for immigration into the UK. This is mandatory for easy integration into the country and furthering the economy frictionlessly. 


  1. Immigration Skills Charge: This is the charge paid by your EMPLOYER to get you employed. Make sure this is clear with your employer before as anyone with ill intention might put this charge on you or not pay this at all causing further trouble. Here an intermediary institution like 1 Absolute Advisor can help secure your interests by verifying the validity and payment status with immigration and government authorities. 

  2. Immigration Health Surcharge: This is the fees paid by the applicant up front in order to avail services from National Health Services departments on arrival same as any British citizen. 

Maintenance Funds: Every applicant must be able to demonstrate that they have enough funds in order to survive in the UK for their duration of the stay. This is done partly in the form of savings and partly in the form of salary expected. Our experts can help you figure this out on a FREE Callback as any issues in the ability to show maintenance funds and survivability can cause the application to be rejected. 

Biometrics: Every applicant has to provide their biometrics as a part of the immigration process. 

How can I get 70 points for UK visa?

With the mandatory requirements of job from a licensed sponsor, appropriate skill level and english language, you automatically secure 50 points. Getting the remaining 20 points for qualification can be done in 3 prominent ways: 

  1. Salary of £25,600 or above or at least the going rate for the profession

  2. Job in a shortage occupation as designated by the Migration Advisory Committee

  3. PhD in a subject relevant to the job / PhD in a STEM subject relevant to the job

The process seems simple but you really need to focus on making sure you meet all the criteria and qualify in the first go since a lot of applicants are applying for the same job and increasing competition. It becomes mission critical to get in the first time and is best done in association with a professional consultant like ours or any other agency which can provide years of experience at your disposal. 

Immigrating into the UK is highly competitive and you need all the help you can get. 

How to Apply for UK Points Based visa?

Application process is pretty simple compared to the complexities involved in the actual qualification process. You need to submit your biometrics and photograph and fill the application along with paying the fees. All of this can be done online or at an overseas visa application center. 

If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss Citizen, you don’t need to provide biometrics and can upload the digital photo of yourself via a smart device. 

What is the fee for UK points based visa?

Fees for application is around £232 up to over a grand. A complete list of charges can be found here: 

Along with this, the healthcare surcharge mentioned above is at £624 per year and has to be paid up front during the time of application for the points based system. This ensures you get all the basic NHS facilities that are available to British Citizen. This fees has to be paid every year for yourself as well as any dependent that you bring along. 

Maintenance amount to demonstrate your ability to support yourself stands at £1,270 available when you arrive in the UK. This is very much mandatory for the government to know that you won’t default on your payments till your sponsor starts paying your salary. 

What is a shortage occupation list?

The shortage occupation list has all the occupations that are currently in demand for the specific Areas in the UK. People having the professions listed on this list get an additional 20 points and can easily get the needed 70 points as required by the points system. 

The jobs that fall under the shortage occupation list are the ones that need to be supplemented on an urgent basis into the economy for an overall growth of the country. These occupations are literal building blocks of the forth coming economy that the UK government has envisioned. Hence this list is created for ease of recruitment of the right talent in the right areas of the UK.

Is my job on shortage occupation list?

Many jobs are on the shortage list but the areas where they are available may vary. Here is the shortage occupation list:

There is a separate list for medical and health care professionals that can be found within this list. Sometimes people having jobs and experience in these fields are also reluctant in asking for a proper salary when coming from outside the UK. This can lead to incomplete points if the sponsor does not pay the proper salary. Get a quick Call back from our experts to understand your position and eligibility on the shortage occupation list. 

What is the minimum salary requirement?

Salary of £25,600 is the minimum to qualify for the points based system. Even if the going rate of the applicant’s occupation is below this it should not be below £20,480 for a good application. 

In special cases some applicants can have tradable skills that compensate for the salary but this information is better understood directly from a qualified consultant. You can easily get a free call back for your queries regarding salary related queries. Salary is a key factor in determining the ease of your qualification to getting into the UK and it is best understood from a qualified professional as per your particular case. 

UK points based system for international students

If you are an International student in the UK starting Summer of 2021, you will be eligible to get a 2 year Graduate Visa. This allows you to stay and work in the UK for 2 years without any sponsorships at any skill level. In addition, if you are completing your PHD from the UK you get to stay in the country for 3 years instead and find skilled jobs. 

In all, the Points based system is a win win for both the applicants and the UK. 


Here is a good article from BBC on the new points based system.


To understand these categories in depth and to apply for your own visa, why not contact one of our experts for a free call?


 Contact our team of experts to get guidance at 1 Absolute Advisor. 

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10 Tips For UK Spouse Visa Application

UK Spouse visa is a vital part of a married couple’s life where one of the spouse is a British Citizen and the other spouse wants to join them in the UK. The immigration department is very strict about who gets to enter as a spouse and takes every case through a rigorous test. The interviews can get too personal too quick and the wake up calls can be harsh. Also, if you fail to get a visa the first time around, the consecutive trials only become that much harder. This is why it really helps to have an expert solicitor and consultant in your
stride from the beginning.

1 Check the ‘settled status’ of your British partner

First and foremost, you have to check the actual status of your partner in the UK. A basic overlooking of this can cost a fortune. Make sure to verify their documents before even thinking to apply as any kind of failure to comply with the laws will make things hard on

your part. The things that can be looked at to verify this are

a. British citizenship documents

b. Proof of permanent Residence in the UK

c.Settled Status using IRL Visa route

d. Having Refugee Status or Humanitarian Protection in the UK

This will be the most vital aspect for those who are moving newly to the UK and want a spouse visa to the UK as soon as possible.

2 Marry legally, not just traditionally

UK immigration has very clear procedure when it comes to recognising the marriage between a couple. The marriage or civil partnership outside the UK has to take place in the right manner as per the immigration requirements. A partnership without any documentations or completed legal formalities will be looked upon dimly. The resident partner needs to provide the appropriate documents for application approval.

3 Gain Command over English Language ‘before’ applying

One of the basic requirements of emigrating to the UK on a spouse visa is that the partner must have a good knowledge of english, both spoken and written. And no matter how good your english is, it wont matter unless you can prove it some how. Some ways to quantify your claim of having a good english are:

a. Take an English test with at least CEFR A1 in speaking and listening

b. Provide Academic Qualifications that are recognised by UK NARIC

Pro tip 1: For UK NARIC, providing a UK based address will reduce processing time

Pro tip 2: Nationals of USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, along with some other, don’t need to prove their knowledge of English language

4 Switching Visa type within the UK

If you are already in the UK on a different visa, and wish to switch to Spouse Visa due to marriage with a British Citizen, simply switching your visa is also an approach to getting a Spouse Visa.

The following categories of other Visa holders are most common to switch:

a. Tier 4 Student Visa Holders

b. Tier 5 (Mobility) Visa Holders

c. Leave to Remain holder who has completed 6 months

You might also get an Indefinite Leave to Remain after Marriage within the UK sooner if you stay on your current Visa.

What does not qualify for switching is clearly a Visitor Visa. But in case you are one of the few who has fallen in love with a British Citizen on your visit to the UK, contact our expert consultants for more details on solving this complexity.

5 Have a combined income of more than £18,600 a year

This is a quick one, and like the most basic thing to include in your check list. This is a mandatory requirement for a couple and this increases in case you have children who are going to relocate along with you. Unless you have a special case that breaches the Article 8 of European Convention on Human Rights, this requirement is more or less set in stone. So make sure to clear this off your plate before planning your move.
Pro tip 3: If the applicant or sponsor get academic maintenance grant or stipend, it can be shown as a source of income. A tax-free grant of £15,800 will be enough to meet the financial requirement of £18,600

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6 Prepare for Interview and Procure Needed Documents

This goes without saying, but always keep consistent records of all your financial dealings. Specially if you wish to apply for a Spouse visa in the UK. Preparation is the key to having a smooth sailing interview with the officers in charge of your case file. As discussed earlier, the immigration department is really strict about who they allow in the country via Spouse Visa. The more the preparedness, the easier it will be to answer queries raised by the department.

If you are called for an interview make sure your submitted documents are available as needed. It wont make the best impression to spend 5 minutes trying to find the original of a photocopy, specially given the over-worked nature of the immigration department.

Pro Tip 4: Categorising your documents based on priority will be helpful: MARRIAGE PROOF | ENGLISH QUALIFICATION | MESSAGES WITH SPOUSE | LEGAL DOCUMENTS

7 Demonstrate your Intent to Stay together

Your case immediately gains a ton of attention and seriousness from the authorities if you can show them you are serious about being a well contributing citizen of the UK. Having a future goal in the country in terms of career is for sure a good thing to have, but you also have to prove your seriousness of being in the relationship permanently with your spouse. In that case the UK spouse visa will require a good deal of thought before application. Anything that shows you two love each other or are well binded by other forces such as family, common friends, work circle and personal interests will be welcome. Have screenshots of whatsapp messages and such other things to back up your claims if
Pro tip 5: You can show good faith by having joint bank accounts and investing in real estate properties together. This shows your long term commitments, but don’t over-do it

8 The older the relation, the better it will be

The older your relationship is, the better it is for the application process. UK Spouse Visa has a requirement of relationship to have been about 2 years old at least, so anything older is just another add-on that supports your case. This doesn’t mean being child-hood sweethearts will increase your chances automatically, but it will definitely make a better case than a more recent encounter. Providing proofs of your chats and other correspondence will also be effective in this case.
Pro tip 6: Generate social media proof of your association by uploading pictures together. Well documented social media accounts can help a lot. Specially on platforms like Instagram where the date of posting is not modifiable. Use your already existing account to strengthen your case

9 Show criminal records, if any

More harm comes form hiding information that the immigration department can discover, and finds out you have lied about. It is not okay to have a criminal record in the first place, but it is worse to try and hide it. Only serious criminals and those who are serious offenders will face any resistance. But they are not really the kind who come to another country on a Spouse Visa. And getting parking tickets is not really something that will hold a serious threat to admission into a country.

10 Hire a Consultant

A UK Spouse Visa is an important application and needs serious consideration and expertise when applying the very first time. A consulting immigration expert and solicitor will be able to guide you in the application process flawlessly and help you at every step.The investment in finding such expert help is priceless when compared to the value of being able to take comfort in the knowledge that your application is being handled by professionals. It also increases your chances.

Pro tip 7: Hire our expert help in your UK spouse visa application and have more confidence!

Having someone by your side is always a good strategy. We have helped thousands of applicants with their UK Spouse Visa.

These are the top 10 tips for a UK spouse visa from other countries.

As an additional give-away, here is a quick list of all the documents needed for your UK Spouse Visa Application:

  •  Proof of English language requirement.
  •  Proof of financial means.
  •  Proof of relationship as photos of you two together, etc.
  •  Valid passport with at least an empty page along with Your previous passports
  •  Two passport-sized colour photos that are in line with the requirements
  •  Your national insurance number
  •  Your parents’ date of birth and nationality (if you’re applying from outside the UK)
  •  Proof of accommodation
  •  Biometric information
  •  Details of any previous immigration applications, if any.
  •  Certificate of criminal record
  •  Proof of paid spouse visa fees.

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Applying For UK Spouse Visa From Dubai

Applying for UK Spouse Visa from Dubai




Applying For UK Spouse Visa From Dubai


Often people get confused as of the time of applying for a spouse visa. It is a simple understanding that the couple is liable for applying overseas or within the UK. It happens when they continue staying on fiancée visa, student visa and work visa for a duration of more than six months. In this particular situation, the hackles of application for a spouse visa is less and one can switch into the other viable option.


Prerequisite Applying For UK Spouse Visa From Dubai

• Before thinking and deciding on applying for a spouse visa, spouses need to consider and look into the requirements. If they are able to meet up the requirements, then procedures are simpler.

• Both the spouses have to fulfil age limits i.e. they need to cross 18 years of age.

• Both need to hold the intention of staying permanently.

• Monetary backup needs to be strong to support themselves and cannot claim over public funds.

• Suitable accommodation is must which has to be strong enough for providing shelter to any dependants.

• Strong grasp in English language is a must. The ability to speak and understand English is a need. If an applicant pursues the application overseas, then the applicant can prepare and pass the English language test in their home country.


To know more about this REQUEST A FREE CALL BACK from our expert by filling this out.


Procedures for Applying For UK Spouse Visa From Dubai

Though procedures and time for the same take time, but by following steps normally one can get it easily. Once the application for spouse visa is done, and from that time it takes a time of 2-12weeks on an average for processing.


Duration Of Spouse Visa

The location of application for a spouse visa primarily depends on the applicant. An applicant needs to choose the place of location before applying for the same. Overseas application of spouse visa entails the duration for a period of 33 months whereas applications within the UK continues for 30 months.


Tips For Application Of Spouse Visa

Meeting standards is a true requirement. To avoid the negativities, valuable guidance is must and it ensures the standard of applying for a spouse visa. Spouses no longer have to succumb to tough situations because some of the tips can ensure secured ways of application. Aspirants who are eager to apply for a UK spouse visa, should better seek professional expertise. The listed tested tips are the right channel for starting family on a permanent basis.


Awareness can ideate a big solution to the application of spouse visas.


• In times of completion of the application, spouses need to be careful in checking and verifying the documents. There needs to be a cross check procedure in terms of verifying the fact of receiving correct documents. Moreover, primarily it consists of 3 essential elements namely the UK NARIC certificates, IELTS test report, and TB test result.


• Spouses can decide whether to give a UK address for faster processing of documents.


• Most importantly re-checking and verifications are important which will not fail to overlook crucial aspects. In times of applying, documents have to be in English language because it is easier to understand. If it is otherwise, then the applicants need to follow the translation process from authorized translators.


• Spouses need to be well versed with the showcasing of financial status and it needs to reflect consistency. Things which value most are tax returns, bank statements, and salary slips.


• English language is the most crucial aspect and for the same applicants need to provide their original degree certificates, mark sheets. In other words, it can be the best way of scanning the efficiency level of candidates in English.


• Applicants should also check into options of filling their accounts or accessing cards with sufficient amounts. Financial limits should not drop because they have to meet up pays for visa fees, priority processing fees, Immigration Health Surcharge, and any other value added services.

Guidelines Why Spouse Applications Should Not Be A Failure

• Preparing immigrations for a spouse visa appears to be difficult. Guidelines are difficult to understand and here goes the choice of preferring experienced hands. Rules do not bring the ultimate solution but a careful observation for following important things does not sound odd.


• Applicants need to further get into the fact that their aspirations for a UK spouse visa should not be refused in anyway.


• Genuine relationships of a couple further promises rather than a marriage certificate. Spouses need to hold clarity in relationships for accessing spouse visas. This is one of the possible reasons why they fail to get back their documented spouse visa.


• A successful goal in a relationship needs to provide the following requirements namely photographs as a couple, number of holidays taken together, proofs having joint financial commitments, visiting each others’ home towns. Nothing more to say but the applications should be strong enough to gauge the closeness between partners.


• Applicants need to convince the sponsors in clarifying the doubts in holding parental responsibility. As it becomes more confusing, they need to break the thoughts that not only a spouse can create the space in a relationship but also can include rearing of children.


• If any of the individuals in the couple had a previous marriage and a child too, should cite those who take care of the child. Otherwise, the visa is not granted and it can impact majorly the access of visa. In this case, an expert can solve the situation and can stop having more complications. Parental responsibility is the foremost thing which the visa applicants doubt and resist in granting visas on a smooth process.


• There should not be any gap in proving the decision that the spouses are willing to live together in the UK. none should get separated after receiving the visa. Staying for an extended period is a must and they can show their property documents as further requirements. Spouses are free to travel as per their choice but should not confront the decision of staying together.

• Visas are easily available when both agree to the same decision. Applicants need to mention their permanent residence in visa application and should not miss the scope of having their spouse visas in time.

Bottom Line

Application of a UK spouse visa in a faster manner requires the combined efforts of spouses. They need to present each fact clearly and bring their minds together. Nothing should act in getting their spouse visas in time. Expert advice can certainly make it faster. The visa applicants check the understandability of English language and a good know-how brings it smoother. For a better preparation of spouse visas, spouses need to confirm their circumstances. More information can be found here


It is highly suggestible to REQUEST A FREE CALL BACK for your requirements before the planning process. Having complete information empowers you to make clear decisions.


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Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India

Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India


Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India


Are you a married native of India? Are your wanting to know how to go about Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India? Are you planning to move to the United Kingdom to reside with your spouse? If yes, then it is time for you to apply for a UK spouse visa. It will give your spouse an initial entry into the country. Also, she will be able to reside along with you for a long time. 


There are few formalities including submission of important documents that will help in easing the entire process of application. If you are going to apply for a spouse visa for the very first time, then below is the guide that will help a lot.


Online Submission for Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India


Nowadays, almost every task is carried out through online mode. Gone are those days when you had to stand for a long time in queue followed by running to and fro to complete the task. 


With high advancement in technologies, it has become easy to apply for spouse visa through few clicks. After successfully logging in to the website of 1 Absolute Advisor, you will be able to give a kick start to your process. 


Completion of a detailed application form will help the experts to know about your background and present circumstances. It is essential to complete the application in a cool mind to prevent any blunder. 


The application must be factually correct and consistent in terms of evidence provided. Once the form is filled up and confirmed from your side, it will be sent for verification. 


If you can fulfil all required criteria, then you will be directed to pay the application fee along with additional charges for accessing the NHS. It must be noted that the day you pay both fees will be the official date for submission of application.


Appointment for Biometrics Enrolment 


After you are successfully done with the payment of fees, it is the time to apply for biometric verification. Without biometric, no important task is possible nowadays. You will be taken further to fix an appointment for the enrolment of biometrics that includes:


  • Face image
  • Fingerprints

Following all online prompts will help in picking up a slot of appointment at a flexible location. In case the usual working hours are not suitable, then you may fix a prime time appointment against a nominal charge. 


Some locations request the applicant to pay a small charge for a normal appointment. If it applies, then you will be requested to pay before the confirmation of the appointment. 


Submission of Evidence When Applying For UK Spouse Visa From India


Now, it is the turn to submit the evidence. It is another important step to apply. There are four different options among which you may go with the most preferable step.


They are mentioned as under:


• Uploading of documents on your own – The method of self-uploading of all supporting documents to the website can be easily carried without paying any extra money. To proceed, you need to scan all documents followed by uploading the same. 


Some procedural guidelines will help in ensuring that all steps are carried out correctly. It is the best method as every step is transparent. You will be able to see what are the documents being submitted to the concerned authority. 


• Availing document scanning assistant service – If you are putting up in a remote location and not aware of the procedures of scanning documents, then relax. Availing document scanning assistant service at the visa application centre will be the ultimate choice. 


All original documents will be taken for scanning purpose along with the passport. Once done, they will be retained back to you. If you wish to retain your passport back, then you may do so by paying a nominal fee for the same. 


• Walk-in scanning settlement services – It is another process of submitting all supporting documents. In the walk-in scanning settlement services, all documents are taken to one of the notable centres in the United Kingdom. 


It is only possible if all documents are in the U.K. You need to download the required checklist and declaration. It must be completed properly before bringing for an appointment. You must not refrain from organizing all documents specifically.


• Postal service – You may submit all supporting documents in the postal form as well. Here also, all your documents have to be present in the United Kingdom. But they must be sent to the service provider through the post instead of in person. 


Among these four options, it is your choice regarding which one to go with. 


To know more about this REQUEST A FREE CALL BACK from our expert by filling this out.


What are the Documents that Are Not Important to Send?


You must not be unaware of the delays that take place in the decision making process at the time of applying for a UK visa for people living in India. In the bid of delivering quick decisions, a new scheme has been launched in India.


It is designed specifically to make sure that less number of documents are submitted along with applications. As per instructions, the following documents hardly require scanning:


  • Clippings from newspaper
  • USB or DVDs
  • Call logs
  • Letters from friends
  • Greeting and phone cards
  • Money transfer proofs
  • Chat history from WhatsApp and other social media
  • More than ten photographs

Sending these documents mentioned above seems to be unnecessary by the concerned authorities. In case they need some more information, they will get in touch with you directly through email or telephone.


An auto-email describing required instructions for applying for UK spouse visa will be sent to applicants. It will help in reducing unnecessary loads. 


It is very important to prove the relationship with your partner as genuine. It will serve as a strong point at the time of application. Thus, the remaining evidence will be strong enough to support the success of your application.


Decision Making Process


Once you are done with all formalities including submission of documents, you need to wait for the process to take place. In general, the standard timeline to halt to a decision is a maximum time frame of two months from the date of application. 


It may get reduced to a month provided you are successfully done with purchasing of the priority service. Also, you need to meet the required criteria. The decision-making process is conveyed to the applicant through an electronic mail. 


The email received is not a confirmation regarding the actual decision. You will be requested to remain present in the same place where you had enrolled for your biometrics. There you need to collect your passport and decision letter. 


People who want to avoid this journey may avail courier service from the respective service provider. Once the decision has been taken, you will be intimated that the courier is on its way to you for bypassing the need for being present physically. 


Receiving Back the Passport


Once the UK spouse visa for your spouse is granted, you will get back the passport along with an entry-clearance stamp. The stamp will serve as a ticket to let you enter the boundaries of the United Kingdom. 


The validity will be for a month. Once you arrive in the United Kingdom, you will have to collect the identity card from the respective office. Also, your spouse will be a call for a biometric residence permit that will set out full details and duration about the visa. 


Normally, it needs to be collected from a post office that is at a stone throw distance from your location in the United Kingdom. If you have mentioned an alternate place, then you may approach there as well. 


Candidates granted with spouse visas need not collect a Biometric Residence Permit. Instead, the duration for their six months will be endorsed on the vignette mentioned on the passport. 


Asking for Assistance from the Respective Lawyer


The procedure to apply for spouse UK visa is no more complicated today. But there are times when some applicants need to struggle a lot to get their application processed. In such situations, it will be a good decision to approach a lawyer dealing with a partner visa. 


The professional will carry out all procedures on your behalf, thus eliminating stress and worries from your mind. As the team of lawyers work with clients abroad regularly, they keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends and updates. 


It is better to fix an appointment and know all details for perusal. It will help a lot in taking the best decision.


Extend the Validity of Spouse Visa Easily 


The validity for spouse UK visa is thirty days. But you may extend its validity to two-and-a-half years against payment of a nominal fee. The fee for completion of the procedure must be submitted to the home office. You must take help of the service providers to prevent any type of discrepancy. 


You may go through the samples of applications to know how to pen the application. It will prevent you from creating any blunder at the time of applying for a spouse visa. Feel free to give a call directly at 1 Absolute Advisor for more information. It will make the process of application a small piece of toast.


It is highly suggestible to REQUEST A FREE CALL BACK for your requirements before the planning process. Having complete information empowers you to make clear decisions. More information can also be found here on the Home Office website


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Applying For UK Spouse Visa From Philippines

Applying For UK Spouse Visa From Philippines


(A) How to apply for a UK Spouse Visa from Philippines?

One who lives in Philippines and wants to stay in UK with his/her spouse in UK can apply for the UK spouse visa from Philippines.


This UK spouse visa will be valid for two and half years. In case the visa holder wants to extend his UK spouse visa he/she can apply for extension of the visa when he/she is in UK. Those who have lived in UK for five years can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.


For spouses from Philippines, applying for the UK spouse visa from Philippines and obtaining the visa is the first step for their entry into UK and live in UK with their spouse. The application for UK spouse visa from Philippines is to be completed online and submit to UK Visas and Immigration.


Those who live in Philippines and want to live with their spouse in UK can take the help of a UK Spouse Visa solicitor to prepare the application for UK Spouse Visa.


(B) Spouse Visa requirements

1. The Filipino who want to apply for UK spouse visa from Philippines must be married to a British citizen or an individual who has Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or a person who has Settled Status or Permanent Residence in UK. The applicant is required to provide the proof of his/her marriage with the UK spouse.


2. The sponsor of the visa who is either a British national or a person settled in the UK and who is also the spouse of the applicant must have a gross income of not less than £18,600 annually in case he/she is employed. In case the sponsor is not an employee he/she must have been maintaining a savings of not less than £62,000 for the last 6 months or more. It is understood that the sponsor will be relying on these savings to bring his/her spouse from Philippines to UK. The above financial requirement is applicable when there is only single applicant.


In case the spouse takes one child also with him/her to UK, the gross income of the sponsor should be £22400 annually. For each additional child £2400 will be added. Even if the applicant for UK spouse visa from Philippines is also working there, only the income of the British sponsor will be considered.


For calculating the savings of sponsors who are not employees, the savings either of the couple in Philippines can also be used.


3. The applicant is required to prove that he/she is in genuine as well as subsisting relationship with the sponsor. The applicant should provide evidence such as photograph of the applicant and the sponsor together and conversations they had among them. The applicant may also produce their Filipino marriage certificate, proof of co-habitation, bank statements, birth certificates of children, if any, joint bills or proof of joint travel.


4. The UK sponsor of the UK spouse visa must prove that he/she has sufficient facilities to accommodate the spouse who comes from Philippines. Evidence of the UK property where the UK sponsor and the spouse from Philippines where both will be living is to be provided.


5. The applicant for UK spouse visa from Philippines is required to meet the suitability criteria as per the Immigration Rules. The applicant must prove that he/she had no criminal convictions in the last ten years.


6. The applicant from Philippines is required to clear the English language test at CEFR level A1 in accordance with the UK Immigration Rules.


7. The applicant from Philippines is required to undergo screening to examine whether he/she has active TB (Tuberculosis) infection and the TB test certificate must be provided while applying for the UK spouse visa from Philippines.


8. After securing the online application form, booking the appointment and paying the visa fee, the applicant has to go personally to the visa centre to submit the document and to provide biometric information.


(C) English language test centres

Applicant for UK spouse visa from Philippines can take the English language test at any one of the following test centres where English language test at CEFR level A1/A2 is conducted throughout the year.


1. BC | PH001 | BC Manila

STI College – Cubao, STI Academic Center, Cubao, P. Tuazon Blvd. corner 5th Ave, Cubao, Quezon City 1109, Manila. (IELTS computer based testing)


2. BC | PH001 | BC Philippines

Cebu Parklane International Hotel, Corner Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Escario Street,

Cebu City, Philippines. (IELTS {all facets} Life Skills)


3. BC | PH001 | BC Philippines

Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Ortigas Avenue Corner, Asian Development Bank Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines. (IELTS {all facets} Life Skills)


4. IDP | PH152 | IDP Cebu |

Seda Ayala Center Cebu, Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City (IELTS – all facets )


5. IDP | PH152 | IDP Education Ltd |

Unit 104 G/F. Keppel Center, Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 3000, Philippines. (Life Skills IELTS computer based testing)


6. IDP | PH009 | IDP Manila |

16th Floor, Marco Polo Ortigas, Sapphire Road, Pasig City (Manila)

IELTS (all facets) Life Skills IELTS computer based testing.


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(D) TB clinics

As part of the UK spouse visa from Philippines application process all the applicants including dependent children over the age of 11 years are required to undergo screening for active Tuberculosis (TB) infection. For this rule there is no exception. Each applicant is required to undergo the mandatory medical scanning before submitting the UK spouse visa application at the British High Commission in Manila. The applicant should undergo the screening in a clinic that is approved by the UK Border Agency.


The British High Commission will accept only the certificates issued by IOM (International Organization for Migration) Health Centre, Manila. Certificates from any other doctors will not be accepted. In case the test report shows that the applicant has active infection of TB he/she cannot apply for UK spouse visa. In such cases, treatment will be recommended and additional tests will be conducted after 6 months to confirm that the treatment was successful.


The applicant is required to pay the prescribed fee for TB testing. The doctors decision will be final. The TB test certificate is valid for only 6 months. The certificate is to be produced at the time of entry to the UK. Hence when you travel to UK ensure to take the certificate also with you.


(E) Visa Centres Location

The applicant for UK spouse visa from Philippines should personally go to the visa centre with the appointment letter and all other documents. He/she must be at the centre 15 minutes  before the appointment. Addresses of visa centres are given below.



VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,
Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building,
2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension Makati City, Metro Manila 1231



VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,
9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop
Cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000F

(The British Embassy in the Philippines is at 120Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, Metro Manila)


(F) Prices in local currency

The UK spouse visa fees for Filipino nationals come to ₱99,459. The priority service charges come to ₱37,419. 

So, total UK spouse visa fees for Filipino nationals including priority service charges come to ₱136,878.


The UK embassy fees charged in Philippines will be the same for fiance, proposed civil partner, child’s parent and dependent child applications under Appendix FM.


(G) Visa processing times

The processing time for UK spouse visa application from Philippines is normally 60 days. With the priority service, the processing time is 30 days.


For all non-settlement type applications, UK visa processing time from Philippines is normally 15 days. With priority service it will be 5 days.


(H) Priority Service

Those who require the decision on their application for UK spouse visa from Philippines in 30 days instead of 60 days from the date of lodging of their application can avail the Priority Visa Settlement Service. Those who ask for Priority Service are required to pay additional fees ₱37,419. The 30 days time is just an indication/estimate. In case various issues that are to be considered arise during the processing of the application there will be delay in releasing the decision.


In case the application for UK spouse visa is found not straightforward, the process will be hindered and there will be delay in making the final decision.


The visa application centre wants to give priority to such applications as well as contact the applicant to inform that the visa will be ready within 30 days. However, this timescale may not be applicable if the application is found as not straightforward. Even in such cases the application will be given priority at every stage of the visa application processing.


UK visas and Immigration is committed to process the applications as per global customer service standards.


When your visa application will be considered as not straightforward?

The visa application will be considered as not straightforward against any one of the following findings:

1. You were refused visa for UK

2. You were refused leave to enter UK

3. You were deported, removed or otherwise asked to leave UK

4. It was found that you overstayed your period of leave in UK

5. Your leave to remain in UK was curtailed by the Home Office

6. Home Office refused you leave to remain in UK

7. You were refused visa for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US or the Schengen countries

8. While you were in UK, the police detained, interviewed or prosecuted for some offence

9. You have record of an unspent criminal conviction in any country

10. According to criminal records, you have committed a criminal offence in any country.



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